Taking orders for 2022/2023 Season

Riley Tree Farm is a distributor of manufactured pressed logs, Home Fire Prest Logs.  These logs are 100% wood from sawmill waste from lumber mills throughout British Columbia and Washington State.  We are taking orders for the 2022/2023 season.  Please text Peter at 604-220-7866 (preferred) or email peter@rileytrees.ca to place your order

Home Fire Prest Logs are more dense and dry, making them burn more efficiently than regular firewood and are great for most wood burning appliances.  Due to the content of these logs, they can produce heat for up to 12 hours!.  Each log is 4″ in diameter, 10″ in length and weigh 5 lbs.

For more information on Home Fire Prest Logs, please visit www.homefirelogs.com

Each pallet contains 380 pieces, equaling one tonne


These logs have many benefits to the environment including:

  • Recycling wood waste instead of cutting down trees for firewood
  • Particulate emissions are less compared to regular firewood because of their high density and dryness
  • There are no additives or chemicals added to the manufacturing of the logs and are made of 100% wood
  • These logs burn longer and hotter, therefore less wood is needed
  • Reduced creosote buildup in the flue – less volatile gases are released during the burn


Pallet Prices: 

September:  $570 + $28.50 (GST) = $598.50

Oct-Jan: $589 + $29.45 (GST) = $618.45

February: Expected to be sold out as per the last 2 years

Lightning Rod Firestarters:  $2.00 + GST each or 10 for $15 + GST

For orders of 50 logs or more (in bulk): $3.00  + GST per log

50 logs $150.00 + $7.50 GST = $157.50

Bundle of 6 logs (30 lbs) $21.00 + GST ($3.50 each + GST)

All sales are cash only or prearranged e-transfer